redragon h510 gaming headset

Redragon H510 Zeus Wired Gaming Headset Review

H510 Zeus Multi Platforms headset, which also works with PC, PS4/3 & Xbox One/Series X, NS,  is an awesome piece of tech for this price point.  You simply won’t find many, if any, headsets in this range that have the sound quality these do.  Rich, uncompromising with clearly defined bass.  No distortion or frequency stammering.  They are comfortable, solid, and will provide you with fantastic sound no matter the platform.

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redragon webcam 1080p

Redragon 1080P Webcam GW800 Review

I strongly recommend this camera, not just as a ‘first’ cam, or an ‘entry’ cam, but as an overall lifetime use product. This camera is outperforming my other cam, which was made by a very known company. And while the price difference between the two wasn’t much, the original cam is no longer available. Which means finding a good webcam for under $50 is getting harder to do.

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redragon mmo mouse

Redragon MMO Mouse- M913 Impact Elite Review

Gaming mice nowadays are becoming more and more intricate.  Users demand variable DPI, comfort, customizability, and, of course, style.  Redragon’s M913 Elite Gaming Mouse is all of these. The mouse comes equipped with 16 programmable buttons for even the most ardent MMO players.  Players can assign virtually any keystroke to any of the 12 side buttons to minimize trips to the keyboard.  Also, for those long gaming sessions, this mouse is shaped for the distance.  It sports sleek curves and comfortable hand placement so it is not at all a chore to use.  That being said, let’s get into what you can expect from the M913 Elite Gaming Mouse from Redragon.

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redragon m719 gaming mouse review

Redragon Invader M719 Gaming Mouse Review

Redragon M719 has a great design so you can play various games like GTA 5, CS: GO, but of course many others. So I'm really satisfied with the ergonomics of the mouse. Besides that buttons are solid, nothing creaks or wobbles. 

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redragon k530 draconic

Redragon Draconic K530 60% Keyboard Review | Redragonshop

As mentioned earlier, you can also connect the keyboard with a USB cable, since it has one USB type-C slot. Which also serves for charging the keyboard, since it has a built-in battery. So it has 2400 mAh long-lasting battery. The battery is long lasting, as the Redragon K530 is a small consumer of power. All in all a very good and high quality 60% gaming keyboard that is definitely worth the price.If you are not a gamer, then you can still use it for business purposes, since it is compact due to its smaller dimensions.

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redragon k585-bb gaming combo

Review: Redragon K585-bb (Keyboard, Mouse, & Adapter) Combo For Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PS3 and PC

Redragon continues to impress by getting quality, strong, professional gaming hardware into the hands of people who just don’t want to pay for the high end items.  For what you get at Redragon for the price is nothing short of astounding.  You will find new life in older games, you will see an immediate benefit in your current games from the enhanced control afforded by the combo.  In short, you will be hard pressed to find a better combination to get a keyboard and mouse to play console games.  This will be money well spent.

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redragon k530 gaming keyboard

Review: Redragon K530 60% Wireless/Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard

Overall I find this keyboard to be quite amazing considering the price.  It has a “wow” factor from thievery beginning when you turn it on and see the fantastic LED lights chase around the keys.  It is solid without the need of exotic materials and metallic components.  The Draconic 60% keyboard is an amazing value for those wanting a keyboard that shows itself off with colorful displays, gives some basic customization options, and has the feel of higher end keyboards.  Absolutely you will not regret buying this product.

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redragon giveaway

Free Keyboard for Your Friend! - Redragon 2nd Anniversary

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