TRITON H991 (Open-box)

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    Redragon H991 is the ideal Stereo Gaming Headset for enhanced performance gameplay. Get into the game with high-quality stereo sound with active noise reducing technology.
    The headset is equipped with a stretchable and bendable microphone design, 360 admission source, and individual vibration control button. Unique virtual speaker technology realizes sound reverberation, build great sound effect, and real game experience.
    H991 headset works well with PC, PS4, it is great for E-sport game, music, online chatting, video conference used.

    Headset size:210*100*212mm (4.7 X 9.1 X 9.8 inches)
    Frequency range:20Hz - 20kHz
    Mic sensitivity: -40dB+/-2
    Mic imppedance:2.2KΩ
    Type: over-the-ear
    Port: Golden USB
    Cable length: Approx. 2.0 M brush finished cable

    Package Included:
    1xRedragon H991 Headset
    1xUser Manual


    1. For setting 7.1 Audio, please download the software from

    2. ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) works best at reducing consistent Low-Frequency Background Noise, including engine sounds, metro noises, large crowds etc. Inconsistent or sudden bursts of sound like a lively conversation, car horn or shouting are usually unaffected.

    For better usage, here are Important Tips following: 
    1. Do not put the headset in humid and wet place.
    2. High volume for long period may damage your hearing.
    3. Do not put self' strength to pull the cable.



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