Redragon MMO Mouse- M913 Impact Elite Review

redragon m913 review


Gaming mice nowadays are becoming more and more intricate.  Users demand variable DPI, comfort, customizability, and, of course, style.  Redragon’s M913 Elite Gaming Mouse is all of these. The mouse comes equipped with 16 programmable buttons for even the most ardent MMO players.  Players can assign virtually any keystroke to any of the 12 side buttons to minimize trips to the keyboard.  Also, for those long gaming sessions, this mouse is shaped for the distance.  It sports sleek curves and comfortable hand placement so it is not at all a chore to use.  That being said, let’s get into what you can expect from the M913 Elite Gaming Mouse from Redragon.



Dual modes of 2.4Ghz wireless and USB-C wired mode

Professional Programming Software

5 onboard DPI levels (1000/2000/4000/8000/16000)

20 buttons include 12 Side Buttons

16.8 million color lighting effects

80 Hr Battery and Pro Optical Sensor



Item Weight - 400g (14oz)

DPI - 100-16,000

Sensor - Optical

16 Programmable Buttons (12 on the thumb side)

Hardware Platforms supported - PC/Mac/Linux/Unix

Lithium Polymer battery

Low Consumption & Eco Mode


What’s in the box:

As with all of Redragon’s products, the M913 Elite is packaged wonderfully.  The box itself doubles as a case for the mouse that is actually quite sturdy.  It is cloudy gray ABS plastic with locking tabs on all four sides of the lid that hold the lid firmly in place. It will take some effort to gain access, as some of the tabs are tight, but for me that means the mouse was safely tucked away inside.  Once inside you will find the mouse, a 2.4 gHz dongle, a usb-c charging cable, manual and a sticker. Nothing fancy, but the contents get the job done.

 redragon m913redragon m913 mouse


For an MMO mouse, this mouse fits the bill. I was taken aback by how well done the side buttons are.  What I mean to say is, the side buttons totalling a whopping 12 fully programmable ones, don’t stick out like a sore thumb.  The shape of the mouse sort of “shelters” the side buttons from view.


 redragon mmo gaming mouseredragon mmo gaming mouse review


This maintains the sleek aesthetic of the mouse by at least partially obscuring from view the massive field of buttons.  As for the overall feel of the mouse, I was really happy with it.  The weight is certainly adequate for a mouse this size.  It feels responsive and light, but still gives off a feeling of being solid.  It is form fitted with grooves on the right side (sorry lefties) for your fingers to rest in.  The size of the mouse is good for those with small to medium sized hands, but for those with large hands you may find the side buttons a chore to deal with.  The side buttons are very close together, but they are concave and patterned to tell them apart by feel.  The issue is if you have a very large thumb, the buttons are a bit small and very close together, so it may be a learning curve to make sure you are hitting the correct one from just touch.  The RGB lighting again is well done.  It is minimalist in nature, but adds a nice bit of flair.  I found though that I liked the curves and shapes of this mouse in its basic black just as well.


Also to the side of the left mouse button is a smaller rectangular button.  Pressing this smaller button will give you three clicks for the price of one action by default.  Pretty handy in gaming. Of course what this button does is definable via software.


Impact Elite redragon


When you download the software for the M913 from Redragon, these buttons all become assignable and customizable.  Any of the side buttons, 1-12, can be given commands to execute in the software package.  It is important to note that no game that I used in testing allowed configuration of the 1-12 keys on the left in the game itself, rather you must select what key commands those buttons do.  Therefore, if you have 1-12 operate as “F” keys for a MMO game, like F1, F2, etc… then for ALL games you use this mouse on, those buttons will be the F keys.  


To get around this somewhat, you can make two profiles on the software.  So if you want to have a command setup for your favorite game or application, you can configure one for it and one for general use or another game.  The bottom of the mouse has a mode select switch to switch between the profiles on the fly.


redragon m913 mouse


Not only could the mouse be programmed to perform any key commands I wish on the programmable buttons, but they can also be assigned to perform macros.  The possibilities are endless with this meaning a full suite of 16 macro commands are at your fingertips (literally) without having to touch a keyboard.  Amazing!

Performance wise, the mouse has a great optical sensor.  It tracks well and is very precise.  I played with every DPI setting that it comes with my default.  Selectable from the box is 1000/2000/4000/8000/16000 DPI.  If these settings do not work for you, you can set the DPI levels (5 of them) in the software package in increments of 100 DPI to your liking up to a max of 16000 DPI.  I found the stock settings to be just about perfect for on the fly switching via the two mouse buttons behind the scroll wheel.  16000 DPI is lightning fast movement, perfect for “twitch” shooters.  I often felt the need to slow things down, so I usually ran in the middle at around 4000 DPI.  For me that was the sweet spot, but to each their own.


Battery life

Battery life is a major concern when using wireless mice.  Typically wireless mice are not fully lit up with LED/RGB lighting, but this one manages to pull it off.  I have seen battery life upwards of 6+ hours while using full RGB lighting effects.  I have had my sons use this mouse on their marathon gaming sessions of Rainbow Six Siege and believe me when I say that this mouse never even got low on battery.  I’d estimate battery life with full RGB lighting to be closer to 8-10 hours of continuous use minimum.  Mileage will vary due to differences in battery chemistry, actual usage, etc., but expect this to last a long time untethered.  Of course, you could switch the selector on the bottom to “ECO” mode, thus turning off the lights, then you are looking at weeks of battery life even in standby.  For those not wanting to deal with it at all, you can simply plug your mouse into the pc / tablet with the included USB-C cable.


 redragon mmo gaming mouse


For those wanting to use the mouse wirelessly, it comes with a USB 2.4gHz dongle to plug into your PC.  No setup is required, simply plug the dongle into an open USB slot and get to gaming.  On the bottom of the mouse, there is a storage slot for the dongle.  Oddly though, it is not countersunk to allow the mouse to still be used while the dongle is in place.  If you are using this mouse with the included cable, the dongle cannot be stored here, as the mouse sits uneven on the surface.  It is a minor thing, but I would have liked to see the dongle store flush into the bottom.


 m913 dongle



As i mentioned before, there is a software package to download which will unlock the full potential of your mouse.  The included instruction book does not cover anything beyond initial connection of the mouse and provide a link to download the software.  Luckily, the software is easy to use.


This is the main screen of the software upon booting up.  Very easy to configure options here.  Immediately you will notice the polling rate setting.  By default it is 125Hz. This is adjustable to 125, 250, 500, and 1000Hz.  This is how many times per second the mouse reports its position.  Also shown is the battery percentage.


 redragon m913 mmo mouse software


The row of bubble numbers are the buttons that are selectable to be programmed.  Highlight the number one as shown, then in the drop down box select the command you want the #1 button to perform, including macros. Easy. A handy diagram will show you what button you are configuring so you don’t get confused.


 redragon m913 software



The next screen is the advanced options menu.  Although this says advanced, what you will find here are more rudimentary mouse adjustments.  You can define each of the five levels of DPI adjustment.  Also mouse tracking speed, double click speed, and scrolling speed.  Each setting can be adjusted for each of the two profiles.  This allows you to set an ultrafast gaming profile, then by pressing the mode button, switch to a slower casual setting if you wish.


 redragon mouse macro setting




Next screen on the software is the macro recording screen.  It is here that you will build whatever macros you wish to use.  For those unfamiliar with this feature, it allows you to “record” a series of key commands that will “play back” with the press of one button.  This is your playground and can really unlock the potential of this mouse.


Lastly, you have the color selection screen. Here you can select the color pattern and actual displayed colors from a pallet of over 16 million colors.  


 redragon mouse software



Final Words

In summary this is a mouse for a specific type of gamer.  This is a mouse to allow a power user the ability to customize their gaming experience in a very precise manner, and to their liking.  It is capable, solid, and comfortable.  The depth to which 16 assignable functions and unlimited macro building will allow you to create a custom gaming experience is amazing for this price.  I have been gaming for decades, but from this point on I doubt I will use any other mouse apart from this once for my complex games.  If you are a casual gamer, then this mouse might not be for you.  The buttons must be programmed to be fully realized and if you are not willing to invest the time beforehand to set them up, then there are more everyday mice that will be better suited for you.  Personally, I will be recommending this awesome mouse to all of my MMO friends due to its price point, ease of use, and superb functionality.  Redragon hit a homerun with this mouse!


Written By Rob Manning

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  • Please make the DPI buttons rebindable!!

    Sebastian Zwack
  • There is a big flaw on this product. cannot rebind dpi buttons as M4 and M5. As a player niche contender on naga epic pro grounds, missing 2 buttons is a huge loss for WoW players or other massive button usage game/software.

    bruno j s c

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