Redragon Invader M719 Gaming Mouse Review

redragon m719 gaming mouse

Today we have really cool Redragon M719 INVADER gaming mouse for the review. Considering the M719 is amazing gaming mouse I would love to share my impressions about this mouse.


There is a lot of stuff that speaks for this piece of gadget, aside from very low price. For example ergonomics of the mouse are great, after all we all have different hands, but generally there are good measures for more or less all hand sizes. So in my case for my large hand the mouse is amazing, also when we speak about the weight, the weight is neither too light nor too heavy.

redragon m719 gaming wired optical mouse

Redragon M719 has a great design so you can play various games like GTA 5, CS: GO, but of course many others. So I'm really satisfied with the ergonomics of the mouse. Besides that buttons are solid, nothing creaks or wobbles.


Also do not forget really cool RGB lights, which further give a gaming feel. I really have to admit that I am convinced that most will like the RGB effects.

 m719 wired optical gaming mouse

Also with even longer usage in everyday life, you don’t get an uncomfortable feeling on your hand. The corrugated areas on the left and right sides are not made of rubber, which is better because the rubber wears out over time and does not feel comfortable on the skin. It's definitely a good move from Redragon.


In my opinion, the sliding surfaces are enough huge which gives you possibility that you glide very easily on the table or mouse pad and remain responsive depending on how you use it. The mouse wheel is well centered and thanks to that triggers well and nothing creaks during use. I really do not believe that I only paid around 25€ for this gaming mouse.


The mouse buttons do not produce the strange sound during use. It may not matter to some particular group of people, but trust me if your keys produce a strange sound, it can be very irritating especially while playing games.


When we speak about the standard DPI settings the M719 INVADER has several options, which are: 500/1000/2000/3000/5000. Therefore you have quite the options to choose the one that suits you best depending on the use.


As well you can change DPI settings + -100 DPI steps using the software that comes with it, and that is great because you have the ability to fine-tune the settings of the mouse. Also the software allows many other settings for the gaming mouse. For example you can also adjust sampling rate to 1000Hz, which is the best setting for gaming. But you can also change the RGB settings, so you can adjust RGB settings the way it suits you or you can turn it off completely after all.


All in all if you are looking for better quality gaming hardware, and you have a smaller budget then you definitely need to think about Redragon gaming products. Because they offer high quality products at affordable prices such as M719 INVADER gaming mouse.


Written By Ivan Vovk

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