Redragon Wireless RGB TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard DEIMOS K599 Review

k599 review

Build Quality

The build of the K599 is very sturdy. It has an ABS plastic case and a black aluminum plate. It weighs a decent amount, at 740 grams. It feels hefty in the hand, and rigid. It charges using USB-C and the port, along with the on/off switch, is located at the left of the case.



 redragon k599 switch

Outemu Dustproof Reds (branded as Redragon in this board) were a pleasant surprise. They are quite smooth, with even off center presses not showing any sign of scratch. There is the smallest bit of an audible scratch when putting it close to your ear, but it really isn’t noticeable during regular typing. That brings me to the sound of the switch. The sound of the switch is deeper in pitch due to the full nylon housing. Like other Outemu switches, there is a very pleasant pop sound on the upstroke. Unfortunately, like other Outemu switches, there is a fair amount of ping



Keycaps are Redragon's typical doubleshot ABS, albeit a bit on the rougher side. They are fairly thin with a gameresque font, but work well, and shouldn’t shine any time soon. Overall pretty average, but it works fine enough. One small detail I would like to point out is that on my copy the escape key is a tilde key and has a tilde on the white printing. Doesn’t affect anything, just thought it would be interesting to point out.



Stabs are good on this keyboard. There is a decent amount of factory lube and they only rattle a little bit. The stock stabilizers are done well, and the plus side of this keyboard being hotswap is that you can easily mod the stabs.


Modding potential

This board can be improved by modding. The stabilizers can be lubed and clipped, and it should significantly reduce the amount of rattle. Adding some foam between the case and the PCB should also reduce the amount of ping. Because it is hotswap, it is also possible to easily lube the switches, and I think that after doing that, the sound of this board would be really nice.



This board is really nice. The 65 percent layout is great to see, along with the pleasant typing experience with the Outemu Dustproof Reds. The stock stabs are nice, but the keycaps are pretty average. Paired with the 2.4 GHz wireless capability, I think this is the best board for $50.

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