Redragon K585 Review -This is a great little keyboard for Division 2.

This keyboard absolutely delivers! I've picked this up to use on my gaming laptop since the laptop keyboard is, well, awful, and the K585 DITI makes gaming so much more fun. The keyboard has enough weight to remain light, but heavy enough not to slide around during intense gaming sessions. The macro keys are easy to use/reach, and the USB Pass-through allows me to keep a port on the laptop free for my headset too. One thing that did confuse me was the lack of an M key for maps in game, but using a little common sense, I put two and two together and realized that the globe key IS the M key! If you're looking for a one handed mechanical keyboard, this is the one!

Redragon K585 Redragon DITI

The keys snap down very crisply and I have yet to have a keystroke miss. The LED light show behind it is pretty cool and good for some wow factor the first time you turn it on, but I do wish I could just tune it to one color and leave it be now. Mild gripe. I love that the palm rest is magnetic and snaps on and off easily, yet firmly stays on the keyboard. One issue I've found is that I've been putting in the hours on Division 2 since it launched and the weight of the keys is more than the old keyboard I was using. So now after about 3 hours of playing I can really feel it and the first couple days of playing I took breaks to let the back of my hand rest up. I figure that this will get better in time though with the keyboard breaking in and my hand getting used to it so I'm not to worried about it. I love that this keyboard has the M key as a little world map, nice tough, love that there is a USB pass through so that I'm only eating up one USB port between this and my mouse....I play on my couch about 15 feet away from my Nvidia Shield playing on the projector so this helps big time. I like the extra buttons that they give you, but honestly the G1-Gwhatever keys are just F1, F2, F3, etc. So they're kind of redundant, though placed way better on the keyboard to where you'll actually use the function keys now. Overall it's a great value. I don't feel like I bought the cheapest POS out there but didn't spend 100 dollars on a keyboard that I only use to play one game on.

Author: Anthony


  • This keyboard is exactly what I wanted. I attached o-rings to every key (brown switches). Now it’s perfect for playing Battlefield, Call of Duty or Assassins Creed etc.. The structured WASD red buttons are not necessary, but I additionally installed them to make blind playing easier. Now I use the K585 instead of a much more expensive model from another company, also because of the anti ghosting and the many options for game settings. I don’t know another one-hand keyboard that can offer more than K585. Good Job.

  • Having trouble with my keyboard disconnecting from my Xbox, generally when I push the Esc key? Which seems weird.


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